"I have to say, I think this is the first time we’ve seen a District 1 tribute go out first!"

"It definitely is."

"Honestly, I thought we were going to have a rather disappointing first day. Those heavy hitters didn’t seem like they wanted much to do with the Cornucopia."

"I think most of the big guys needed to get out of the sun!"

"That Marshall boy’s got some muscle on him, I’ll give him that. Never expected that from a District 10 tribute. He’s one to watch out for."

"I’ll say. So how do you feel, Mrs. Kitaki?"

"I’ll never be able to show my face in the Capitol again."

"I swear Neil Marshall, once these Games are over, I will¬†find you.”

"How do you respond to that, Mister Marshall?"

"…I’m glad mine are alive, and I’ll leave it at that. No disrespect, Mrs. Kitaki."


"Hmm…looks like we might be able to have our own Games in here, eh Richard?"

"Right you are, Ron. Now let’s head back to the arena."

(Capitol Seal found here.)